Monday, January 30, 2017

Tiger 211 SS. Pz. Abt 102 (AFV Club 1/35)

I got the turret together and added the weld seams along the edge of the turret roof. The barrel is slightly longer when compared to the drawings in the Jentz and Doyle book on the Tiger but not enough to make a noticeable difference in my opinion. Tiger 211 had the later smaller muzzle break so I used this option from the Kit. It also had the broad pattern zimmerit on the turret sides. I achieved this by using my 2 part Tamiya epoxy putty and a  brass gear that I had taken from an old mini blind. I got this idea from fellow modeler Phil Appleyard who first used it on his tiger builds.  The gear can't be mounted to a roller so I had to use my fingers instead to roll it along the putty. After rolling I patted the surface down slightly to flatten out the zimmerit but not everywhere as zimmerit was actually uneven in places. This is something you cant get with decal zimmerit or the ATAK resin stuff. They are all too perfect. For the area near the lifting lugs I used my regular Lionroar roller that I used on the hull. Tigers had the narrower, smaller pitch zimmerit in these areas. I think it worked it okay. I did forget to add zimmerit to the hinge on the rear hatch so still need to do that.

out quite well if I don't say so myself.

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